Brooks Kraft’s five tips for taking photos with an iPhone

5 tips for iphone photosBrooks Kraft for those who dont know him is the White House photographer. He has shared these top 5 tips on taking photos with an iPhone :

1. Make sure you get the best exposure you can when you’re shooting, because it’s pretty hard to correct a bad exposure on the phone. It’s worth taking the extra minute to get it right.
2. Don’t use the flash. With steady hands, the iPhone is frequently capable of capturing images in low light situations, and the results often look better then with the flash. But in some cases, you don’t have a choice.
3. Don’t use the zoom function because it’s not an optical zoom. It’s just blowing up the pixels you have.
4. Pay attention to the image settings of the app you’re using to photograph. Some will downsize your files. I use the native camera app because I’m sure to have a clean, maximum resolution file that I can go back to.
5. Think about what you do with your images once you’ve shot them. There’s a tendency when you’re using a mobile device to let your images sit there instead of organizing them, archiving them or printing them. I really think that when people look back at their visual histories, they [might find big gaps in their archives].

Full story re Brooks Kraft using his iPhone to document this year’s Christmas decorations at the White House

White House photo taken with iphone

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Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

A few photographs of a friends Lamborghini Aventador, which boasts 700 bhp and 0-60 in 2.9 secs !!





LP 700-4

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Nurburgring trip

Just back from a 6 day car trip to Nurburgring race circuit with fellow petrol head friends. Some photos of the selection of cars below

Porsche 911 Turbo with 510 bhp

Noble M12 GTO 3R



Ultima CanAm with LS3 engine


Westfield 7




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Ferrari 458

A friend kindly gave me a lift to pick up my new car, so on the way back thought it would good to grab a snap of his stunning car.

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Scotland Tour 2013

So it’s that time of year again, to take a long weekend break and visit the Highlands, Scotland for some great driving roads, with stunning scenery. Managed to grab a few snapshots on the way around.

Main route over 4 days & 1500 miles took in Carlisle, Erskine Bridge, Fort William, Achnasheen, Ullapool, Durness, Dornoch, Dornie, Grantown on Spey, Perth and Selkirk plus lots more in between. Prices for Hotels ranged from £35 to £65 a night including breakfast.

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Old Skool Porsche

As a kid, the one super car of the time I had as a poster on the wall, the airfix kit built & the diecast model on the shelf, was the iconic Porsche 911 from the 80′s.

Well now I’ve bought one :). Aircooled, 25 years old, 133K miles, no ABS, no traction control, just pure driving pleasure

Couple of photos of said car

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Highland Hoon – The Cars

A couple of photos of the cars from last holiday, driving around the Highlands, Scotland.

Highland hoon

Unfortunately I haven’t finished building my Ultima and the first day 450 mile slog was too much for me to take in the Caterham. So my wife kindly let me take her Merc. Friends cars are the iconic Honda S2000 & the stunning Aston Martin Vantage V8.

Mercedes SLK AMG Sport

Aston Martin Vantage V8

All photos taken with Panasonic Lumix LX5

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Landscape Photography from Trip to Highlands, Scotland

A couple of weeks ago I went on a driving holiday with friends to the Highlands, Scotland. 4 great days driving around stunning scenery, with the mountains, lakes, lochs & coastline, covering approx 1,500 miles. Taking in such areas as Oban, B Orchy, Fort William, Achnasheen, Ullapool & Aberfoyle, to name a few.

Loch Stack - Highlands, Scotland

Loch Stack – Highlands, Scotland

As this was a driving holiday primarily, I only took my trusty Panasonic Lumix LX5 camera to grab some snaps on the way round. My intention was to take photos using HDR (High Dynamic Range), so I set the camera to auto bracket 3 shots at 2 stops intervals. Using some HDR software here are the resulting photos of the Highlands.

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Ferrari 360 CS

Couple of photos of a friends Ferrari 360 CS, taken at Cheltenham race course

The Challenge Stradale is a limited production track day focused car based on the 360 Modena. It was inspired by the 360 Modena Challenge racing car so the focus was primarily on improving its track lapping performance by concentrating on handling, braking and weight reduction characteristics, which are essential in pure racing cars.

Ferrari 360 CS

Photos taken with Panasonic LX5 compact camera

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Anti-capitalism protesters – St Pauls London 2011

A few photos from the scene at St Pauls Cathedral, where anti-capitalism protesters have set up camp.

Tents outside St Pauls cathedral Continue reading

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