Dog Portraits – Gloucestershire

Now this extremely handsome Rottweiler was a bit of a handful at first to photograph.  But luckily having 3 dogs of my own,  I know the way to a dogs mind …. well actually his stomach.  With a “titbit” in one hand I was able to get the dog to look towards the light & with the other hand , quickly fired off the shots.

For dog portraits, you only get limited time to keep a dogs attention, so be quick 😉    I quite like the end shot, what do you think ?  Feel free to add a comment below

Dog Portrait

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8 thoughts on “Dog Portraits – Gloucestershire

  1. I just got an LX5 and was doing some lx5 google searches and found your site. I really like the photos of your snauzer. Do you shoot these in B&W mode from the camera or do you convert the color images to B&W in post processing?

    Thanks, and I like your work. (cool cars too!)


  2. Hi John. Thanks for your comments. Re LX5 I always shoot in colour and then convert to B&W in Photoshop, as this process ensures maximum detail / tones are achieved. Hope that helps.

  3. This is an amazing portrait! I love the lighting… and that is my question.. how did you light did? It looks like you used some kind of strobe to me, and I was wondering where you placed the lights? Again, great shot!

  4. My Maximus pasted away 2 Months ago, looked very much the same as this picture . When i first saw it i did think ‘thats my Max.’
    Please could i buy a copy of this for my daughters birthday.

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